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This turnkey whole tire fuel handling system,
commissioned in March of 2003 at the Cemex plant in
New Braunfels, Texas, feeds approximately 3 tons per
hour to the feed shelf of the 4-stage preheater kiln.

TMI Turnkey Mid-Kiln Feed System for Whole Tires
Blue Circle Cement, Tulsa, Oklahoma - May 2010

1990 Preheater Tire Fuel Feed System
Medusa Cement
Clinchfield, Georgia

Hook Elevator
Calaveras Cement
September 1991

Preheater and Precalciner Kiln Systems

Long Dry and Wet Kilns Systems

Mid-Kiln System

Separation System and Tire Stock Pile

Cadence Mid-Kiln Valve Installation

Test Burn Setups

Truck Dumpers make unloading
tires from trailers much easier

Push Button Control Panel
with Tire Weight Indicator

Marble Line

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