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As the world leader in waste derived fuels (WDF) technology for high energy applications, we develop programs to recycle waste materials into cement kiln fuels.

Our expertise spans the following areas for waste liquids, solids, semi-solids, tires and industrial residues:

  • Kiln evaluation

  • WDF specification

  • Permit writing and submission

  • Quality control procedures

  • Laboratory operation and procedures

  • Fuels blending

  • Test burn procedures, monitoring and evaluation

  • Safety procedures, monitoring and evaluation

  • Design of fuel delivery systems

  • Feasibility studies

In 1979 our principals developed the first commercial WDF program in the USA and have pioneered the use of the whole tires, waste solids, semi solids and other combustible wastes.

Currently we have programs in England, Spain, Chile, Kuwait, and Taiwan and are developing joint venture operations with quality partners throughout the world.

Feel free to check out our technical papers or fill out our feedback form for further information on how we can work with you on the proper recycling of the world's wastes.

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